Galvalume is offered in both bare and pre-painted versions. Engert offers galvalume in 26 standard Ultra-Cool colors and is unique in its ability to custom paint aluminum coil and sheet to requirements as little as 5,000 pounds. Galvalume Plus is the same bare Galvalume product with a thin, clear acrylic coating. Galvalume Plus can be roll formed dry without vanishing oil, making it much easier to form and install safely. Galvalume Plus resists fingerprinting and smudging during handling and installation at the jobsite and has excellent resistance to storage stain and transit corrosion. Galvalume in its bare and acrylic coated forms meets the requirements of the E.P.A Energy Star Program for reflective roofing materials. Galvalume sheet roofing at about 1.5 pounds per square foot is lighter than either a built-up or single-ply system up to 15 pounds per square foot.


Copper, rooted in centuries of use, will not rust, has no finish to scratch or peel, is soft enough to easily tool and weathers naturally to a beautiful, natural green patina. Although considerably more expensive than aluminum and steel, copper is the metal of choice for buildings with a long design life.


Aluminum is extremely lightweight, won’t rust but must be painted or coated for appearance. Coatings are similar to those used on steel. Aluminum is a viable option for virtually any roof where steel or other materials are being considered, particularly in coastal environments where salt air can cause corrosion. Its natural properties of light weight, strength and longevity make it a desirable roofing material particularly for reroofing where aluminum does not require structural reinforcement. Aluminum is more malleable than steel and can generally be formed into more intricate and detailed product designs which allow the building of strength and beauty into a roof. Engert is unique in its ability to custom paint aluminum coil and sheet to requirements as little as 5,000 pounds.


Terne Metal

Terne-coated Stainless Steel is covered on both sides with an alloy comprised of 50% tin and 50% zinc to a thickness of 20 microns. The chromium-nickel content and its annealed properties make Terne-Coated Stainless Steel one of the most corrosion resistant roofing and flashing materials available today and is recommended for use in severe industrial, chemical or marine environments. This stainless steel product is unpainted, won’t rust or corrode and its terne coating can give it a natural, matt-gray finish.