What type of roof is the best?

There are many styles and types of roofing systems available. There is no one best roof system. You should try to match what you want to achieve to what’s available. The price and quality can range from low to high, so the best thing to do is to decide what look you are in the market for and then go from there. Then you can get more specific, and depending on the style you want, make a decision as to what is best for you.

How do I know when I need a new roof?


If you have a shingle roof, they will generally last 20-25 years, but they can fail prematurely. Signs of failure include excessive loss of granules, pieces of shingle coming apart, curling on the edges of the shingles, or loss of the seal between shingles. With a slate roof, if 20-35% of your slate has been patched or is damaged then it is possible you could be in the market for a slate roof. If you have a metal roof and you start seeing excessive rusting to the point that it can’t be primed and painted effectively, or if too much patch work has been done to the point it still leaks, you could be in the market for a metal roof. You should be advised by a professional roofing contractor (ALWAYS LICENSED AND INSURED) in any case.

When having a metal nail flange roof installed, is the ice and water shield needed?

We always recommend it, although it’s not absolutely necessary, BUT, it is a secondary barrier in case there ever is a leak. For example, if a hurricane blows in a flashing detail, the ice and water shield will help prevent water from coming into your house, or if a tree ever comes down during a storm and rips a hole in a panel, the ice and water shield could also provide a secondary barrier. If you have any more specific questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.